I am so very grateful  for all your help, assistance & guidance……………………………

RobertGrateful for your help

I want to sincerely thank you and the staff at J & M Counseling Center for helping me turn my live around. If it wasn’t for J & M Counseling Center’s encouragement, supportive staff and partners, I no doubt would be homeless, jobless and worse off than before I began this process.

PedroAmazing Support

Thanks to this program helped me much made me see the world another way to have fun without drugs without alcohol, when I got to this beautiful people I thought that would come out with my same mind smoking or cocaine inhaler but after that I remove, I was otherwise a new person that leave all my problems behind and went back to start my life from 0 A new person, I learned many things at J & M Counseling Center, I realized many things thanks, a Latino, I am from Ecuador. I am very happy with my new life. I would like to thanks William who was my counselor and guide, and J & M Counseling Center for not giving up on me and especially I would like to thank my mom for her support.

Steven T.

One Year Clean Today…..365 consecutive days of living drug and alcohol free. One whole year with being able to resist the urge of putting a needle in my arm, a pill down my throat, and a drink in my hand. One year of undergoing the hardest obstacle I have faced in my 35 years of living. Through hard work and complete dedication. I can wake up in the morning and feel alive, remembering everything I did the night before, and knowing I had fun without the help of any substance. I can appreciate the little things that most people leave unnoticed. I can do whatever I want, as long as I try. Throughout the year I have received the best gift anyone could ask for, freedom. Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones that you can’t hold or touch, but the ones you feel in your heart. Some of you will never understand what this process is about, and I can only pray you never do. For those left suffering, there is hope. Thank you to everyone who has supported me since day one, cause not one second of it goes unappreciated.

Jorge P.

Currently I have been sober for the past one years. I got to this point by taking each day one day at time. I first learned this phrase at J & M Counseling Center, amongst many others. At the time it seemed impossible, but actually it is possible. J & M Counseling Center, opened my mind to explore other choices. Good choices that helped me cope with navigating through life’s challenges. J & M Counseling Center, showed me how to put my pieces together.

Lisa M.